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Hi, I’m Nataly Otair, a freelance writer who creates content that brings results.

I get it. You’re tired of commissioning work that results in boring blog posts that are under-researched, lack clarity and are woefully short on professional expertise? That’s typical. You need something different. You need writing that ignites a spark! You need a personal voice combined with a hint of expertise.  You need a product which will give confidence that your writer understands your needs and can impart that to your target audience. Or perhaps you’re tired of the low shareability of your content? Are your target audience reading and leaving – are they not helping your message spread? 

What I do:

⦁ I write informative and well-researched SEO blog posts that can be used for link building through guest posting
⦁ I help brands grow through search engine optimized blog content
⦁ I help brands rank for extremely competitive keywords
⦁ I can increase the number of site visitors to your site

I see my writing as a way to empower you and your business with excellent and shareable content.  My writing will increase the visibility of your brand and give your business enhanced credibility within your area of expertise. My writing skills will help you to build authority, enhance your brand visibility and build your business exposure in all the right places. I am here to make you and your business presence stronger with B2B content that gets results!

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We can change that by working together.


⦁ Increasing your organic traffic
⦁ Increasing the number of leads
⦁ Establishing authority in your niche
⦁ Increasing your thought-leadership

Why Me?

I’m a content creator who always provides compelling stories for my global client base.

I’m keen on quality and have experience in a myriad of sectors with a focus on B2B writing, developing marketing strategies, and producing and engaging copy for global clients.

I am providing branding consultancy for companies, individuals, SME’s, and startups who are in the process of building their brand identity. I design a timeless personal approach to building your brand identity.

I work alongside the best writing talents who are experts in their field. Together we redefine the concepts of ‘great content’ and ‘compelling content creation.’

Contentpersona.com is our data-driven content production boutique which helps companies to succeed and attract new regular customer by creating a compelling content that can create thought leadership in your area of expertise.

How We Help You Succeed

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Write the best B2B content
that brings results

Are you B2B content targeting the right audience for your business? Are you getting results? We will help you to write the best texts and create your content marketing strategy


Help you with SEO

We can help you with your Off-page and On-page SEO, Social Media Marketing, Lead Generation, Email-marketing and so more. We will promote your targeted keywords on the First Page of Google Search. 100% White Hat SEO and Google Algorithm friendly.

We believe Content is Personal

Our approach to writing texts is unique

Need engaging content?

You know you need results with your blog or marketing campaign. Let me help you get them.

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I’ll send you a quote as soon as I ‘ve looked over your project description.

About Nataly Otair

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Hi! My name is Nataly Otair. I’m a writer, copywriter, and professional B2B writer who develops high-quality blog posts and website content for businesses.

I help businesses promote their brand, increase organic traffic, inbound leads, and increase their company’s revenue.  Things that always excite me are traffic, site optimization, content marketing, funnels, and lead generation. I am keen on Marketing automatization, SEO, and Content Marketing.

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