15 SaaS Marketing Automation Tools Every Company Needs in 2020

The software industry is rapidly expanding, and technological advancements have also changed the marketing landscape. As a result, there are plenty of marketing automation tools out there and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the options. So SaaS Marketing Automation Tools are so much important for every company.

Until now, I have tried a lot of software tools for marketing automation. Some of them sucked while others were too expensive and should be overlapped. Yet a few of these tools proved to be very useful and, I would say, critical for meeting my business needs. 

So, if you face the challenge of starting a business all over again, you need to know which SaaS marketing automation tools are the best for your business needs.

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In this blog post, I have decided to do the dirty work for you and single out the best 15 SaaS Marketing Automation Tools that best worked for me. I have deciphered only the best software tools you can use for your business needs. Chances that we will continue to use what I have suggested are big since the software tools I am currently using have tweaked my business process so much that I have got a whole list of new vendors to work with. Hope this little intro was really helpful! 

Now let’s get deeper into the topic.

We have two main tendencies in modern-day marketing:

  • Data that can empower your whole buisness if you will use proper maketing tool
  • The market is moving to automation for buisness users

This means that to drive change, businesses need to have strong and actionable marketing platforms. If you have multiple software platforms you need a way of connecting them so that your work would become easy. Also, platforms are tools that can scale your customer data.

People need platforms because they are:

Flexible. They connect to anything, access every endpoint and automate any event.

Easy. Visual and intuitive UX, clicks-or-code automation, collaborative workflow development.

Powerful. Logical operators for full control, real-time access to logs, advanced capabilities for developers.

Scalable. Infinite scalability, real-time access to logs, advanced capabilities for developers.

Trusted. Comprehensive security compliance – Soc2, GDRP, HIPAA.

Security features built-in. 2FA, full encryption.

Role-based access for your organization

Connect your entire tech stack by yourself

I have already suggested a list of the top 15 that, in my opinion, are having the biggest impact on marketing these days.

15. Clearbit

Image Source: https://clearbit.com

Clearbit is a new type of marketing data engine that controls all customer interactions. If you need to deeply understand your customers’ needs this tool is just for you. With the help of Clearbit, you can personalize every single marketing and sales interaction. This SaaS Marketing Automation Tools can provide you with accurate data combined with proprietary real-time lookups.

Also, with the help of Clearbit, you can get full control over current changes in the marketplace and get notifications regarding the latest changes in the workplace. 

What is Clearbit?

According to clearbit.com, “Clearbit is the marketing data engine for all of your customer interactions. This SaaS marketing tool allows you to deeply understand your customers, identify their prospects, and personalize every single marketing and sales interaction.

In its essence, ClearbitX is a platform that allows you to target the customers whom you want to reach. The platform allows you to combine all your customers’ data, thus providing a real-time, holistic context on everyone in your database for segments that automatically sync to channels like Facebook Ads. 

To delve more deeply into the very essence of Clearbit I would describe it as a robust SaaS marketing automation tool that is mostly used for lead enrichment. Considering the importance of lead generation enrichment for modern-day companies the tool is widely used by many B2B marketing teams and even sales representatives, who want to build a successful B2B sales strategy and conduct sales lead management within their companies.

An important benefit of Clearbit is that it gives you the ability to identify the activities of your prospects starting with their day-to-day processes and activities. By having all this Marketing Automation Tools, it is possible to understand the pain points of your prospects and, if properly approached, enrich them with the important data information.

Clearbit is the best tool for meeting this goal. With Clearbit, you can auto-enrich your already present leads. Moreover, with the help of the General Automation Platform, you would be able to connect Clearbit with Salesforce. All you need to do is just automatically upload all your leads into Salesforce and here we go! Sounds perfect, right?

Also, besides Salesforce you can integrate Clearbit with other sales CRMs.

The world’s best companies use Clearbit to become truly data-driven

Image source: trayo.io

Clearbit can empower your entire businesses. The company helps B2B businesses grow by providing data-driven tools to deeply understand your customers (Enrichment), identify prospects (Prospector), and highly personalize every marketing and sales interaction (Reveal).


Turn any email or domain into a full person or accompany profile.


Turn anonymous web traffic into full company profiles.


Find your ideal accounts and leads with complete contact info.

What kind of data can you get with Clearbit?

Image source: trayo.io

Clearbit gathers data from multiple sources

This one gathers data more than 85 unique different fields, including company sector, employee size, job title, and role – all of this helps to create an improved company and contact profile for all of your leads in real-time. Clearbit sorts its data from reliable sources (before being delivered to the customer the data comes through a two-stage accuracy verification process).

This approach to data management brings its success. According to a recent study, this approach to data management brings the Clearbit platform to a 94% success rate for delivered emails, which is an awesome statistic taking into account the high email rejection rate in the industry.

An important benefit of the company is that it does not rely on any traditional data providers. Instead, Clearbit ALWAYS sources its data. Contrary to static databases, Clearbit always refreshes its data in 30 days what gives it an important advantage – data accuracy.

In a modern world where the accuracy and automatic spread of the data are important, this benefit can play a decisive role in the company’s future strategy. According to Truman So, Clearbit Partner manager, any time you are in your CRM preparing to use your data be sure that the data is the correct one because all company’s records are being regularly renewed and refreshed.

Image source: trayo.io

Clearbit gives you the most accurate information about the company

Clearbit gives you the most accurate information about the company starting from its employee count, technologies used, and industry classification. With the help of this software tool, you can also get information about all the attributes of the company you are researching. Having all this information at your fingertips is an advantage you should never ignore. This is one of the best Marketing Automation Tools.

If you still do not know this tool, take your time, and get familiar with it. Just check it out! It is a free Chrome extension. 

Clearbit helps you to find an email in just a few seconds

I use Clearbit to find emails in few seconds. What you need to do is to simply install this app in your chrome browser. You will see the icon in the top right corner. The app allows you to find any email address free and without too much effort.

If you still do not know where to start, simply go to http://connect.clearbit.com/. After that, you can install this app in your chrome browser. Then you will see the icon top right. Click on it and here we go.

Image source: https://connect.clearbit.com

Besides helping you to find customer emails, Clearbit has many useful options. Some of them are paid ones. For example, a data enrichment option is a paid one. You need to buy a paid version of the program to use all its options. If you need to find out maybe the contact information for people at a specific company, Clearbit is just that option.

With the help of Marketing Automation Tools, you can do your creepy sales and marketing discovery. You can find all this information with Clearbit.

The most valuable thing about Clearbit is having happy customers who succeed in their lead generation process. One of these happy customers is Zenefits. Let’s analyze how Clearbit has managed to add an extra benefit for Zenefits.

The story of Zenefits


Zenefits is an all-in-one HR platform. It eliminates admin overload and makes HR effortless. Before using Clearbit, Zenefis has managed to transform how small businesses operate by bringing together all of the company’s critical functions into one single fully integrated solution. 

Zenefits HR was striving to find new customers. The company’s initial strategy was focused more on LinkedIn while Facebook’s channel has been largely underestimated. Underutilizing Facebook as a digital marketing channel significantly diminished the company’s ability to make new leads. The solution came with the Clearbit tool that helped to target ad audiences to reach larger companies with the potential for greater annual contract value.

Clearbit X’s Custom Audiences feature was an ideal tool for targeting the desired audience. The company has managed to segment certain groups of potential customers (with some change of Facebook algorithm). By using Clearbit X, Zenefits drove a 33% larger median company size and has achieved a 20% increase in the conversion rate from prospect to a qualified lead.

Clearbit X has improved Facebook performance and directed it to decipher a cleaner data. By using Clearbit, Zenefits has increased its size and has improved its lead conversion rate (the company has achieved 33% its size).

A final word about Clearbit

ClearbitX is an ideal platform for segmenting your customers into groups. At this platform, you can combine all of your customer data with Clearbit to get real-time, holistic context by automatically syncing to channels like Facebook Ads. 

14. WordStream


WordStream is the #1 PPC tool for optimizing your paid search and paid social campaigns across Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Bing. WordStream Advisor is an online advertising management software that had been designed to optimize your paid search and social campaigns.

With the help of this tool, marketers have got a chance to decrease the time they spend on advertising. It is helpful for businesses of any size and allows businesses to profit from online advertising. 

WordStream Advisor is a very helpful tool in conducting marketing campaigns. Whether you need help building out new campaigns, or maybe you are facing the need to restructure your paid search and social accounts, or maybe you are looking for high-value keywords to be used in your advertising campaign – WordStream is just that tool. With the help of this marketing software, you can benefit from every single dollar you are investing in your advertising campaign. 

Simage sour: https://www.wordstream.com/products

What is WordStream?

WordStream is a (SaaS) product company that has been working in the search advertising sector. It is partnering with Google, Bing, and Facebook and helps its customers to market their business on a large scale. WordStream is, first of all, a cloud-based tool designed to improve ad management and optimization across Google search, as well as shopping, and display.

This sector,WordStream, is also used to manage ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Bing. These days, WordStream is growing fast as more and more customers recognize the benefits of it and start using this Marketing Automation Tools.

Website: www.wordstream.com

Industry: Marketing & Advertising

Company size: 201-500 employees

Specialties: 20 Minute PPC Work Week, Keyword Research, PPC, Marketing automation tools, Trillion Keyword Database, Landing Page Builder, Bid Management Software, Search Marketing, Paid Search, Google Ads Performance Grader, Google Ads, and Google Ads Management Software

See why more and more customers tend to use WordStream to meet their needs

Managing automation tools and multiple online advertising platforms take so much of your precious time and can be problematic if you do not how to handle multiple tasks. There are two options left: either you are a genius, or you have another option!

Let’s be real if you have a million tasks on your display and you have your Friday now and still you are not done with your tasks for the week…..there are close to none options left for you to handle the pending tasks. The question is: how to handle all this work alone if you have hundreds of bids and writing tasks? Again, the answer is WordStream.

I would describe WordStream as an ideal Google and Facebook ads management tool. WordStream is a really powerful software that can help you analyze, optimize and maximize your online advertising efforts across Google, Facebook and Bing.

With the help of WordStream, you can save a lot of time. While others are buried in spreadsheets you are enjoying the freedom of spending time for yourself! Isn’t it amazing? All this time WordStream is automatically generating messages just for you with the help of Marketing Automation Tools.

With WordStream you can quickly create display and video ads with a click of a button. And any moment you get stuck you have an award-winning team by your side. 

WordStream spends all it’s on advertising to get better results. The motto of this software tool: Get back to what matters for you! Try to implement this rule into your life and install the WordStream. 

Other benefits of WordStream

Management of everyday tasks 

With WordStream you can easily manage your everyday tasks. Right. This is true.

WordStream provides educational content 

Besides managing your daily tasks, the platform has something more – educational stuff. They have the stuff you had no idea that you even needed to know about. For example, AdWords. You might be unaware of this tool but with the help of WordStream, you can easily manage the software.

WordStream team even offer great 20-minute tutorials every week, aimed at streamlining your learning processes. Wouldn’t it be great if you would save hours of your time spent on ads optimization and ads analysis each week?

WordStream can even make a SWOT analysis

With WordStream, you can do a SWOT analysis. For those who do not know, SWOT is the analysis of the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It is a great analysis to do if you are looking to bring a new product to the market, or you want to promote new technology.

With the help of WordStream, you can examine the company and its products through the prism of their strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.  Marketing Automation Tools help you do those.

WordStream’s keyword research tools come in all shapes and sizes to meet the different needs of the companies. However, the needs can be different. I mean what works well for one business might not work well for the other. The secret of WordStream’s tool success is that it has something any kind of business cannot live without – keyword research option.

Given that keyword, choice defines the success of the company in online search results WordStream has a lot to suggest any kind of business, from mid-sized ones to big businesses, as an SEO and PPC tool. Marketing Automation Tools that what you really need.

If you are searching for an alternative way to improve its keywords search results WordStream keyword search tool is a perfect choice. There is no reason to look for other options as everything is incorporated into on new and improved Free Keyword Tool by WordStream called Free Keyword Tool.

WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool is easy in use. All you have to do is to enter a keyword in the relevant field and here we go. One more alternative is to enter the URL of a webpage to see keyword data for that page. With WordStream keyword search you can trace the keywords used by your competitors.

This is called “a competitive intelligence research” that shows you what your competitors are up to. To suggest better keyword accuracy WordStream gathers very detailed information from its customers. With WordStream – the more information you enter the better would be the results.

The whole process is as follows: Once you’ve entered an initial search query you will be presented with a list of keywords you can use to promote your business. The accuracy of the results depends on the information you enter. These keyword suggestions are very helpful as it will help you to receive important data for your future research. We all need to know about these Marketing Automation Tools.

Altogether with keywords, you will receive other, no less important data such as:

  • Google Search Volume
  • Competition
  • CPC
  • Opportunity Score

Let’s take a quick look at what each of these metrics means.

Google Search Volume – represents the average monthly Google search volume of a given keyword. One keyword search can produce a million results. To define an average monthly Google search volume of the keyword is the main objective of Google Search Volume.

Competition – shows how competitive your keywords are. The competitiveness can be either high, or Medium, or small. Estimating an average competition level provides good opportunities for advertisers that get a chance of whether or not to bid on this particular keyword. 

CPC – Cost per click is undeniably one of the most important PPC metrics. It shows how much you have to pay as an advertiser if someone clicks on your keyword. Of course, you cannot make a judgment of whether or not use choose a certain keyword judging from only the CPC indicator. Of your, you have to compare CPC results with another no less important metrics. Still, CPS is a pretty good indicator that defines the value of your keyword. 

Opportunity Score – is a unique metric typical only for WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool. The tool uses a traditional 1-10 score metric where 1 is the poorest result while 10 is associated with the best opportunity. The scoring opportunity turns to be a valuable tool for advertisers that show which keyword can suggest the best opportunities for expanding an advertising campaign. 

These are all very easy if you take the help of Marketing Automation Tools.

The WordStream Keyword Research Tool: Make Your Keyword Research Count

Image source: https://www.wordstream.com/keywords

Getting the most of your keyword campaign is possible with the WordStream PPC management solution. It’s one of the best keyword research tools and you can find this tool in WordStream Advisor.

The tool has been designed for creative professionals working in the area of marketing research who want to increase the value of their chosen keywords. Marketing Automation Tools are important.

The benefits of this WordStream tool can be defined as the following: 

The infinite flow of keywords daily indicating the fact that if you are already using the WordStream keyword search tool you are opted to receive a whole list of highly relevant keywords. These keywords are deciphered from private AdWords search query reports.

Since these keywords are from searches used to find your ads, they are highly relevant and personalized to your business, your product or service, and your bottom line.

Usable keyword based on real research results meaning that all your keywords are well-researched and based on real research. WordStream does not use traffic and conversion-estimated results as it greatly undermines keyword use accuracy.

WordStream gives you to query specific results rather than randomly generated massive lists of keywords. Providing actionable keyword data is a great benefit of WordStream’s keyword research as it makes this research less static and more specific and will increase your exposure in the search engines and bring higher conversions for PPC. Doesn’t Marketing Automation Tools help you?

Undeniably, an accurate keyword research data will help your research to gain greater profitability for your search marketing efforts.

Keyword research is one of the most unique features of the WordStream that allows you to automate Keyword Research by adding new and valuable new keywords to your search results. With WordStream, keyword research you can design relevant keywords and take action. Isn’t it nice? 

The premise of WordStream is to make it much easier to understand and act with audiences to allow them to optimize their ad campaign and to bring better results for their business. The creators of this tool are trying to leverage technology to make it much easier and more fun for the customer to create an ad. Also, they make sure that the customer’s data is being transferred back and forth to use it more creatively and efficiently. Marketing Automation Tools are highly needed to do all of these.

To summarize, WordStream is helping the customers to better manage their profiles and thus to make new leads. The platform is measuring how you have been performing during a certain period, and also gives you the way to act a little bit better in the future with your business performance.

The additional benefit of the platform – this software tool makes it easier for customers to advertise on Facebook. 

Final words about WordStream

If you want to save money, use WordStream – the best advertising management tool that reviews your Facebook, Bing, and AdWords campaigns in one easy-to-use dashboard that sends you regulars alerts about the current state of your business. With this unique and valuable PPC tool, you will bring yourself more clicks, conversions, and customers in far less time than you have ever thought!

WordStream is also an awesome software tool when it comes to searching for keywords. This tool has an honored number 14 in my list of the best software tools for SaaS companies.

13. Vidyard

Source: https://www.vidyard.com

I love using the Vidyard tool. I use Vidyard to record myself as I am doing client websites. Vidyard is an easy way to reach out to people and achieve a high level of personalization. The tool is simply beautiful. You can record, share and track your videos with this awesome Chrome extension. Vidyard is an ideal tool is you need something quick and easy to do your screen record or record your face. Let’s explore it!

The Vidyard Chrome extension is an ideal software tool for creating and sharing videos with your customers, prospects, and colleagues. You can share your content in just a few minutes, which I think is simply awesome.

Source: https://www.vidyard.com/free-screen-record/


Vidyard is “the Video Platform that used for Marketing and Sales Video hosting, enablement and analytics”. The platform can help you to connect with buyers, close more deals, and optimize your content for better results.

Website: vidyard

Industry: Online Media

Specialties: Video Marketing, Video Analytics, Video Hosting, Video SEO, Video Sales Enablement, Video for Sales, Internal Communications Video, and HR Video

Online video is everywhere. It is the best way to tell your story and scale. Unfortunately, you cannot see the viewers’ reactions and without feedback, you are nowhere. Thankfully, people watching videos can do provide feedback you can track. It is important to measure the success of your video. It is all Marketing Automation Tools.

Vidyard is an ideal tool to place all your videos and to boost public interest and engagement. And most importantly, this tool is ideal for increasing the conversion rate of your sales. I love Vidyard and love it as one of the best tools to create tons of useful content.

Why videos are becoming increasingly important to boost customer’s success?


It’s 2020, and new technologies continue to evolve. Marketing automation has opened new horizons for video content format. The video became a format of choice for both companies and individuals. The former obstacles that existed for video creation and sharing have slowly been erased thus making the video content an important asset in meeting your business needs.

As a result, marketing automation tools became more humanized and the very essence of employee communication has changed. Here are the top five trends for video in 2020 that play an outstanding role in today’s business.

Trend 1: Video creation at scale has become the main tendency in modern-day marketing

These days video has become a new way of brand and marketing communications. With the help of videos, you can educate your employees and bring more customers to your company. Consequently, marketing teams are adopting people, processes, and technology to scale their video production.

Marketing Automation Tools are efficiently used both for the education of their staff and for stimulating sales growth. Also, more and more companies tend to use centralized video production tools and scale their video production. So, tendency number one in my list is video creation at scale.

Trend 2: Video changes the face of online marketing programs

Marketing teams continue to ramp investments in digital, social, and content marketing but the days of relying on static content growth through these programs are coming to an end. In 2020 video will become the new face of online marketing programs.

Content marketers will double on educational videos. Social teams will create channel-specific video content. And online videos will turn websites into a friction-free lead generation machine.

Trend 3: Video in sales shift from being tactical to becoming strategic

Video is already used by most sales teams in one way or another. But in 2020 we will see video taking on a broader and more strategic role in humanizing the sales process. Personalized videos will go mainstream in outbound sales. Curated video libraries will become commonplace in sales enablement and account managers will turn to video to bring the human touch back to customer relationship management.

Trend 4: A new role for video for internal communications

Video is often used for training new employees, and video conferencing has finally taken off.

But the use of video for ongoing employee engagement has remained largely untapped. That is, until 2020. In the year ahead, the business will start enabling their executives and their team members to create and share private videos for both one-to-one and one-to-many communications. This will be fueled by the adoption of the new tools that make it easy for any employee to create and share private videos from their smartphone, their web browser or even their email.

Trend 5: Video technology gets centralized and consolidated

Video in business has more potential than ever before, but it’s also getting a lot more complicated. It’s both public and private, highly produced and DIY-deliver and on-demand and accessible to anyone with a smartphone or webcam. In 2020 businesses will standardize on core technologies for the creation, hosting, distribution, and tracking of both public and private video content.

Centralized solutions. Managed by a video center of excellence, will be key to helping businesses realize the true value of video in the years ahead.

Benefits of using Vidyard

  • Helping remote workers stay connected via secure video content and messaging. 
  • Dealing with social distancing and travel bans 
  • Exploiting the power of video to stand out and build relationships both on personal and business levels. 

Without a doubt, Vidyard can be regarded as a new secure video tool, that you can start for free and chare with all your friends. In my perception, this tool is an exceptional one to build your internal communications plan for the new remote work in the era governed by the internet. What is no less important is the professional connection you get while using this platform.

12. Proposify

Now let’s talk about something sneaky. When I use the word “sneaky” the first name that comes to my mind is Proposify. I like this software tool (Marketing Automation Tools), its design and accessibility, and of course, its features. The design capability inside the Proposify tool is simply awesome. 

Back in the days when they have just introduced Proposify, I felt like it was not something worth my attention but in a while, when the company has managed to integrate new features, I liked it! It is something that I have already tested out and now I am sharing all the information with you. 

Let’s get deeper into the details to explore the benefits of Proposify.

What is Proposify?

Proposify is a Canada-based company that assists the customer in writing professionally looking and on-brand documents. In other words, Proposify is the online proposal software designed for quick creation and signing of sales documents. Proposify helps companies to deliver better customer experience and to automate their sales flow. In its essence, Proposify is a SaaS-model web application that helps customers to improve their proposal writing experience, better manage the proposals and improve the company’s team collaboration. The Marketing Automation Tools help to keep your workflow on an even level. 

Why companies use Proposify to simplify their proposal writing

Proposify simplifies the sales process

Proposify integrates some of the best tools that are in the market. With Proposify you can better manage your team giving each sales rep access to every stage of the sales process.

With Marketing Automation Tools, each sales representative can track its proposals. Eventually, the sales rap gets full control over the editing of proposal sections, guidelines as it is your sales representative who is sending a final version of the proposal. 

Proposify helps to write a winning proposal

Proposify solves the dilemma of putting together a proposal. Putting together a winning proposal takes so much time! The commissions are wasted away before their very end. The first step to a solution is a Proposify content library where you or your employees can store ready-to-go templates. The content library is storing tons of useful content and images you can use for your proposal. 

Proposify helps you to take control of your customers 

Getting full control over your proposals is an important feature of the Proposify tool as it helps you to control the way you are interacting with prospective customers. Not only you get notification whether or not your proposal has accepted, but you also will get a chance to get regular insights into the whole deal-making process. Isn’t it awesome to know when exactly your prospect opens the proposal, how much time your prospect spends on looking into your proposal?

I think yes. It is. I find it very important to have such info before moving forward with my deal proposal. With Proposify I know when to make the final move to make a deal. 

Better interact with your customers 

Interesting to mention is that Proposify is not just an easy and quick proposal signing tool. It is something more…With the help of Proposify, you can interact with your potential customers. What is impressive about Proposify is the level of interaction with our customers that we get with this tool. Never before it has been possible to achieve such level of interaction with your potential customers while being engaged in your regular work tasks. You simply keep your workflow at an even level and Proposify is doing all this work for you. Simply awesome, I think!

 Get a strategic tool that helps to improve your customer’s strategy

When analyzing this tool, I can say that it is something more encompassing than simply tracking your proposals. For me Proposify is more about your company’s strategy, it is more about your team’s strategic planning. Recommend Proposify for further use.

At the moment, Proposify is number 12 in my recommended software tools list. 

Final words

To summarize, Proposify is a quick lead-making Marketing Automation Tools that make leads when your sales funnel becomes dry. With Proposify you can do many things including:

  • Track your proposals
  • Help your prospects to upsell themselves
  • Organize your content
  • Manage your electronic signatures
  • Get fast sign-off
  • Reduce manual entry and errors
  • Get info to get down to business
  • Create impressive proposals that would reflect your brand
  • Add a video to bring your offer to life
  • Create and manage proposals inside the salesforce
  • Enjoy the breaking of interface translation
  • Live chat with all your prospects right in the proposal

The best thing about Proposify is that it integrates a whole list of useful features. Important to say that the capabilities of the Marketing Automation Tools go far beyond simply tracking your proposals. Also, the tool has a fee table that makes it possible for the customer to regulate pricing options, fees, and taxes.

Additionally, the Marketing Automation Tools make it possible for the customers to get some discussions while ordering their proposals. 

11. Thinkific    

Thinkific is a video-learning platform where you can record a series about something you are compassionate about, something you know about. This is something like a knowledge blog and you can monetize it by having students, creating courses, and delving deeply into something and sharing your knowledge and getting paid for it.

I took a lot of masterclasses on it, starting from small little training and finishing with the tutorials that had a lot of useful information about the Thinkific tool. No comments from my side. The app is simply awesome and nothing else can be said. Let’s learn more about it.

What is Thinkific?

Thinkific is an online educational platform designed specifically for independent entrepreneurs, creators and professional teachers who can share their knowledge and expertise. Thinkific allows users to create and sell Online Courses and Membership Sites under your brand.

What makes Thinkific a wonderful tool for thousands of independent experts and companies who use Thinkific to advertise their service. Thinkific is an educational platform where people keen on their professional and educational development can get some extra knowledge.

People who give knowledge growth can get access to the best and most useful resources. On the other hand, Thinkfic gives some stimulus from education to create better and well-researched material for their courses and thus grow their business. The platform gathers course creators from different parts of the word and creates a collaborative space where everyone can obtain extra knowledge shared by the best experts in their field. Sounds great. Isn’t it? 

Company Website: www.thinkific.com

Industry: Information Technology & Services: Specialties e-learning, education, online learning, instructional design, continuing education, learning management systems, educational videos, data-driven learning, and learning experience.

Why companies tend to use the Thinkific marketing tool?

Thinkific gives you a chance to create your website

Using Thinkific course creation marketing you get a chance to easily create a website and gather audiences who might buy your online course. With Thinkific you can avoid extra difficulty associated with the need to build an entire website around your online course.

This software tool has a whole list of themes that are designed to meet your educational needs. A special role in Thinkific is assigned to a site builder.

With the help of the site builder, you get a chance to design your pages as well as to customize your pages using the drag-and-drop option. The list of Thinkific platform’s products includes but not limited to countless file types, video and audio files, PDFs, HTML, quizzes, surveys, and outside resources including Typeform, Articulate, Storyline and more, – all these help to deliver the best media-rich student experience.

To summarize, Thinkific gives you a whole list of new advantages, one of which is a chance to build a perfect sales page, your home page and any other page you need to have to build for your course or website. Thinkific Marketing Automation Tools make it possible for you as the user of a platform to integrate your training site with any existing website using a custom domain. Also, Thinkific gives you more chances to increase your brand awareness.

Thinkific is beneficial for both educators and students

For educations – it is a chance to build their brand and to deliver the best possible results (and a chance to increase the general income, which also matters).

For students, Thinkific gives an extra benefit to learn more than is usually suggested by a regular university curriculum, which also is something that matters taking into consideration the changing conditions at the modern marketplace to survive in which you have constantly acquire new skills and knowledge. The course builder gives access to a suite of features designed to deliver results to both educations and students.

By using the course builder, you can create a new online course. To get started, you can simply use the course template to take the guesswork. You can also drag and drop your video, audio, or text content right into your course curriculum. Isn’t it awesome? 

Thinkific is the best course builder

Before I will finish with describing Thinkific I suggest you look at the list of things you have to consider while building a course on the Thinkific platform. These things are pricing, course player looks, the sales page, how easy is to build the course and to make email integration. These are all Marketing Automation Tools.

Thinkific offer its pricing packages that range from free to premium With Thinkific you get an unlimited number of students plus Thinkific allows three free courses.Also, Thinkific does not have any extra processing fees. Let’s say your course cost. I think this information is really valuable for you and who knows maybe you will be tempted to use Thinkific as your online learning platform?

10. Typeform

Typeform is probably the best online survey tools out there today. You know these days you can find a whole bunch of online survey tools. We have a lot like this in that area. But Typeform is something! I perceive it as something nice and pretty.

Something that I will use for a long time. It is such a clean little survey tool that it is hard to find any other equivalent. Typeform even has some e-commerce portion that might be useful if you need to sell something or to suggest a certain product or service.

You can also use Typeform like an online survey as well as someone’s contact form. Undeniably, Typeform is one of the best form submission tools up till now. Let’s analyze why I think so.

How to start with Typeform?

Typeform is an amazing, beautifully designed, humanly-governed form creation software tool that allows you to do so many cool things. Before I will delve deeply into the subject, let’s discuss the main advantages of using Typeform. 

Typeform can be useful to meet your business needs

With the help of Typeform, you can set up your account, where you can configure all the important elements. For example, you can configure the conditional logic and prompting, also you can set up your notifications, embed the needed test forms, and even choose your color palette. 

So, Typeform is a form-generation software. This feature is very useful for business as it is a great way to centralize your business. With the help of Typeform, you can also design your customer-tailored form, which you will send to potential customers all over the world. You can also schedule consultations and even create a special questionnaire that supposed to obtain additional information from the customer. 

Why we are using Typeform over the other options? 

Typeform is a perfect tool for keeping centralized all your business information

An interesting question I would say. I have to go a little bit more over the details here but I can say that Typeform is good for all sort of design-oriented business that helps you to create all kind of forms that can help you to build your brand. As to the very process of form creation, it is rather an intuitive process that can be fun to work it, at the same time it is a serious business tool with the help of which you can gather all important business information. 

Interesting, not boring form

The pattern of Typeform is everything but not boring. When using this tool, you can literarily participate in an interactive three-dimensional interview while setting your form. Also, you can set your private information.

A chance to do your surveys

It can be a social media survey for example. Also, you can do registration for an event. Also, you can choose your ticket type for example. I like the idea of embedding different images from the ground which looks good. The forms are made in the way, so they look chunky and funky contrary to regular forms which we have used to fill in.

It can create forms that can be used for different purposes

You can accept the payment through forms, or it can be an event. If you have a one-way product it would be a great way to set up for it for you. Keep in mind that Typeform is a visual form making tool. It means that instead of creating your plain text, you can make your form look an incredibly visual where you would insert hundreds of interesting and eye-catching images.

For example, it can be job application forms, suggestion boxes – everything that comes to your mind. There is no boundary to your creativity.

You can use the tool to promote your product or service

Typeform is an ideal tool if you want to promote a certain type of product. You can do similar things if you have other products like bakery, some shirts or even bakery products. If you are a photographer, you can get sign up for your photography sessions by filling in the initial consultation.

Typeform can calculate the final price for you. It is an amazing tool! So, it does not matter what kind of business you opt to. It can be a quiz, it can be an avatar creation, polls, party invitations – you can apply Typeform practically everywhere! Sounds interesting, right?

The tool is very flexible

The flexibility of Typeform is probably one of the reasons why Typeform is so much popular these days. You just set your own Typeform account and click “Create a Typeform from a scratch” and immediately you can get started. With a free version of Typeform, you can receive up to 100 responses for free.

If you want to increase the rate you have to upgrade your plan and limit the number of your responses. PRO version would cost you around 35 dollars per month. As for the Pro Plus version, the second paid option, this one can be useful if you are going to engage the additional team members.

But if you are just a beginner and do not have too much experience in using paid options of Typeform would be not the best alternative. My advice – start with something simple like a free version of Typeform and upgrade it when you feel you need to do it.

The ideal tool for capturing the prospective client data

With Typeform you can create a link that you can put on your social media or your website, or you can even attach the link to your email signature! Anywhere where you can capture details from the prospective clients – feel free to include this link. With Typeform you can briefly see what has been designed. Each time your prospective clients sing up and click on the link you have created. After your client has filled in the form you can wonder where the hack of those results will go? And there are two ways in which you can check those results.

To meet that goal, you have two options:

  • You can check the results right on the Typeform.
  • And, you can check the results and compare these results

Easy check who is filling your forms

If you like to use Google, then Google sheet is a great option for checking who is filling your forms. With google sheets, you can check exactly who is filling your Typeforms. So, hope you a big value in this great tool and even check your prospective clients’ details along the long road of gaining your clients and growing your own business.

Why more and more customers tend to use Typeform?

Typeform allows users to make forms and surveys

Each form is unique and made to tailor the specific needs of the customer. The one-question-at-a-time interface makes the user feel like he or she is participating in the conversation. This approach allows Typeform to get better responses as a result. Generally speaking, Typeform is the tool that allows users to get more leads, grow their contact list, collect feedback, and much more.

With Typeform you can pick up your template

You can also customize the Typeform’s font, color scheme, background, and images to match your brand needs. Also, Typeform software allows embedding the customized form seamlessly into your web page. Typeforms are a perfect match for any device. Here you can find all kinds of forms including forms, surveys, quizzes, polls. With Typeform software, you can build conversations, create engaging quizzes, move your data to other tools like HubSpot, MailChimp, Dropbox, etc. 

Finally, you can pick up a big number of new templates. Also, you can customize the very look of Typeform starting from setting your color palette and finishing with choosing your background images. Additional benefit – there is a special metrics that allow users to generate beautiful reports.

Isn’t it beautiful to receive a stylish web report with PDF export? I think yes! Also, Typeform exports responses to CSV and XLSX.

To summarize, there are so many things you can configure with Typeform. And this is it, out of the box. An awesome and cool form creation software I can say.

I recommend you type form for your future use. With Typeform you can create any kind of form and add your personal touch there. Typeform is a great way to capturer your data in a real and visual way. There are times when you have got a new client and you have to collect new information from them. Maybe you want to know what kind of product they are looking for or what type of service they need, or maybe what is their time zone.

You can do all these things with the best data capturing Marketing Automation Tools called Typeform. This beautiful tool captures the data beautifully, with ease, and at no cost.

9. Sigstr

Next, our destination point is Sigstr. When we are talking about Sigstr we are first talking about an email app. But, for me, Sigstr is more than just an app. I perceive Sigstr as something cool, something that is embedding personalized CTAs into the signature of your emails.

With Sigstr employee email becomes the main marketing channel, advertising channels, new channel for ABM maybe. Sigstr SaaS marketing platform employs the power and significance of the employee email. To better understand the importance of this tool let’s go more through Sigstr and examine what this product does, and what are its benefits of this marketing automation tools platform.

What is Sigstr?

Sigstr is smart marketing per email signatures. Traditionally, Sigstr is used for campaigns that allow you to inject email marketing calls to action to all employee email signatures. These days Sigstr pays a lot of attention to marketing.

Its marketing campaigns are all about the significance of employee as a channel of communication. It means that the main focus of the company is employees and their time management. This interest is not occasional. It has been estimated that an average US employee spends around 5-6 hours per day just for opening emails. These statistics sound like crazy, but it is the reality!

Taking into consideration that in terms of daily communication email channel is still number one as compared to Google or Facebooks channels it means that if you want to be on the top in business then you have to learn how to use the power of email. Sigstr SaaS platform that fulfills this task perfectly. 

About Sigstr

Sigstr is a software-based platform, based in Indianapolis California. The company has been around since August 2015. The main objective of the company is to use email marketing to promote their most important marketing initiatives. Currently, the company is seeing extensive growth and attracts the attention of many companies.

Why Sigstr?

Personalized call to action

Sigstr has changed everything. With Sigstr you can have a personalized call to action on every email that you send. I think this feature is simply awesome! Sigstr also gives you a perfect SaaS platform where you can add and manage signature line banners, examine your banner statistics and do many another no less important things.

B2B companies adore email signatures that’s why up till now Sigstr is #1 source of brand impressions mainly because of the convenient email signature templates suggested by the platform. With Sigstr you can create this template in a second that gives the company a kind of consistent approach to their branding strategy. 

Drive brand awareness 

Sigstr harnesses the power of employee email to drive brand awareness and generate real marketing results. With Sigstr you can control your brand, style, and format in just a few seconds. As an example, let’s examine how the Sigstr email builder is working. Sigstr allows you to (1) create tailored email templates, (2) integrate your email campaigns into the signature, (3) group users to assign unique campaigns by the department and track every click. With Sigstr you can control your brand, style, and format in just a few seconds. As an example, let’s examine how the Sigstr email builder is working. 

With Sigstr you can get your employees’ first and last name. Next, you can add a placeholder for the job title. Then you can include the company’s white fields including the company’s name, phone number, and address. Texted builders can be formatted as you like.

The company’s logos can be added in the same way. You can also create a link, which you will later insert into your post. This template can be launched with any employees across your organization. 

Sigstr Marketing tool

Sigstr Marketing tool can be used for Smart Marketing through Email Signatures, Simple management for employee email signatures, ensuring a consistently branded Email Signature for employees. Via Sigstr Campaign banners you can unlock a powerful marketing channel! Do not miss out!

If you need some extra information, you can refer to Sigstr company page for resources, company news, updates, and all things related to email signatures, email signature generator, email signature templates, and email signature examples! 

8. Grammarly

Grammarly is number eight in my list of SaaS marking tools that can make your life easier. I am not too much exaggeration if I will call Grammarly Premium – the best English grammar checker and plagiarism checkers on the internet. Grammarly is the tool I have been using for more than 2 years from now and these Marketing Automation Tools helped me not only to correct my grammar mistakes but also to improve my writing style and spelling tremendously.

This application is especially loved by content managers and content strategists because of its super empty and speedy grammar check and efficient work. Sometimes I am saying that Grammarly is working on steroids. Joking!

But the truth about this app is that it can do simply miraculously big volume of work with it. Just imagine the situation when you have tons of writings and you are limited in time and it is the end of the week and all you need is to have a perfectly written and error-free document you can pass to your boss…or…let’s take a bit different scenario.

You are a student and you know your grammar is not perfect, but you need to pass your paper, proposal or something else, and you desperately need some assistance with your Grammar. In this case, Grammarly can become your lifesaver. What are these? Marketing Automation Tools!

No matter how many people proofread your text, there is always something coming out, and things always sleep to cracks unless you have Grammarly that will give you little flags. 

About the company

Grammarly’s digital writing assistance company that does Grammar check. It has been estimated that the company has managed to help millions to shape their message in a better and more creative way. By using effective communication and empowering users, the company has managed to create a powerful Marketing Automation Tools that helped millions to write their message clearly and flawlessly.

Grammarly has managed to create a project that scales and is used all over the world. The main offices of the company are in San Francisco, New York, Kyiv, and Vancouver. Up till now, the company is striving to integrate an English-speaking community and make it feel valued and understood.

Website: grammarly.com

What is Grammarly? 

Grammarly is an app that is used for detecting all kinds of errors in your text. These can be potential grammar errors, spelling mistakes and or even wrong style choice. Grammarly is a program the main algorithm of which is to spell-check your documents and do an error search. Additionally, you can use this Marketing Automation Tools as a plagiarism checker. Sound great? I think yes. 

In its essence, Grammarly is a tool that processes your document and detects its main errors. With Grammarly, you have a proofreading, editing, stylistic correction of your text, which is made with the help of a specially installed program. In its essence what the program does is making a statistic analysis of your text. If to briefly review this tool, Grammarly is analyzing your punctuation, grammar, double words, diction and many other issues that can occur in our writing. 

So why not just use Microsoft tools or any other Marketing Automation Tools? I will explain to you why. With Microsoft Word, you do not have a lot of stuff built into their tool. Its possibilities are limited by its program algorithm. To put in simply, Microsoft Word does correction only when you are in the program, but as soon as you move away from the Microsoft Office application, it stops to do the correction inside your document. 

Grammarly instead is widely applicable Program. It uses plugins and applications that correct things in WhatsApp, text messages, in Google docs, or any other document online. Even if you are typing comments, Grammarly can be very helpful. You can also use Grammarly while replying to the comments on the YouTube channel.

Grammarly will come in and say you did a mistake here or there and suggest your possible ways of correcting it. So, it makes sense to have Grammarly set up over an umbrella. Or program-specific app doing this list off. 

If you are about choosing which option to choose either premium or free, keep in mind that a free version of Grammarly (like it always happens in this case) has a lot of limitations, while all the best of this spell-checker program come with its paid version. So, if you want the best service possible you have to go with a premium subscription. It has good benefits and I am pretty much sure would become something you will use every day. You can choose either a monthly or a premium subscription. 

When subscribing to the Grammarly program keep in mind that this program is designed for people who have a good command of English rather than for a novice or a beginner. The program can be used by foreign students, but if you do not have a good grasp of English – this tool might be useless.

You can use a free version of the Grammarly app if you need some basic corrections but when we are talking about some deeper stylistic correction or some correction of your synonyms than definitely your need to buy a Premium version of this program. Therefore, you have to decide first which kind or better say the level of corrections you need and then to opt for the program, otherwise, the app would not be useful for you. 

Grammarly editor is a fantastic feature of this app. Grammarly has a built-in editor installed in their app. The editor sits on all the programs that you use and apply corrections. Writing assistance and style correction are two additional benefits of this app. With these two features, Grammarly becomes someone watching over your shoulder and say something clever. Also, Grammarly is a perfect style corrector thus becoming an ideal tool when you want to correct your style. 

For instance, you are writing a technical text then you suddenly shift into writing something else and, of course, it will affect your style. You can shift into overusing passive voice and Grammarly will notice it and will mention it in their report about the Grammar side of the things. So, with Grammarly, you can reach the point of your style consistency. You can polish your grammar and check your style. 

Performance Statistics is also something that matters. It provides you with a kind of a weekly summary. So, either you are writing some special, obscure stuff.

If writing is your choice and you want to improve your scores on BlogGo or something as a result of this tool, then you can make this money back either. But as for a person, who does video scripts occasionally. I feel I would like to have this kind of support, but it feels a bit expensive. 

The negative thing about this app is probably your style. After all, Grammarly is a program and it can change your style, which is something unique after all…Yes you will sound more consistent and coherent, simple to read, and I would even say logical, but you may lose your voice. 

Grammarly does more than just catching errors. The program can help you to find the best possible words that fit your document or paper style. Also, with Grammarly, you can not only choose perfect words, but also make your writing sharp, explicit, excellent, and, the most important – distractive. Grammarly can be used to keep your sentences concise, not overstuffed with some specific phrases that sometimes can intimidate your reader with their stylistic complexity. Needless to say, this is a perfect app for correcting your style and helping your point not to get lost in the large mass of text. 

Grammarly gives you a lot of options, like the option to sound correct, concise and stylistic. However, what is most important – Grammarly helps you to write with confidence. The better we are communicating our messages the more chances we have to succeed with our writing. With this Marketing Automation Tools, you can make your choices.

Grammarly is just that tool. With this app you can start a perfect working relationship, meaning that the program has far more overreaching objectives than simply correcting your errors. They have created a product that can make your customers extremely happy. Whether you’re writing a letter to your boss or submitting your thesis paper or trying to deliver an error-free document to work colleagues, Grammarly can become an indispensable tool in meeting all these three objectives.

In conclusion, I can say that Grammarly is just that tool. With this app you can start a perfect working relationship, meaning that the program has far more overreaching objectives than simply correcting your errors. They have created a product that can make your customers extremely happy.

Whether you’re writing a letter to your boss or submitting your thesis paper or trying to deliver an error-free document to work colleagues, Grammarly can become an indispensable tool in meeting all these three objectives. I do use this tool, it has improved my Grammar, it helps me to be correct and improve my grammar. Regardless of what you pay for the tool, you can a lot of benefits recommend this tool, and this is my honored #8 in my list of SaaS marketing tools.

7. Canva 

Now we are going to one more point on our list. This is Canva. Everybody knows about Canva because Canva is a graphic design Marketing Automation Tools. Now we are getting a bit closer to meat. Nothing saved my life more times than Canva. I think this app will go to everybody in the office.

Everybody knows about Canva and if you don’t you need to scroll your hope because Canva is a graphic design tool. This Marketing Automation Tools is free. It is free with Canva to create email templates, Instagram posts and all kinds of amazing stuff, blog headers, etc. It is like a cloud-based multidimensional Photoshop – it is wrapped up around all this. 

In this part of my blog post, I am trying to give you a small tutorial into how we can use Canva. The app is particularly useful when you have some problems with making your picture or creating a logo or making a design of your Facebook page or your website.

Canva is also an ideal tool when you are trying to make a proper design of your YouTube channel and you do not have any graphic design experience. Good news – you do not have to go to a graphic design school. Instead, you can use another option – you can apply the Canva tool!

If you do not know how to use this Marketing Automation Tools, you are highly recommended to watch video tutorials on the topic of Canva use. Just to mention, Canva has two versions on it.

The first one, a bit simplified version of Canva is free, while the other that has some additional functionality installed in it, this version is a paid one. No matter whether you are using free or paid versions of Canva, there are many things you can do with this tool.

How to use Canva design tool

The first thing you have to do is to create your Canva account. This is quite simple. When you have your account, you can use the options Canva gives you like to organize your folders by the client, or by the project. You can see the list of options on the left side of the bar.

The bar on the side makes your work convenient. If you need to find a needed item, you just have to scroll down and to find the needed option.

When you visit Canva the first thing you can see are some options for the design you can make. You’ll click more and it will give you tons of templates you can use for Facebook, your social media, YouTube, etc. So, if you are trying to make a Facebook post you can go to the Canva toolbar and choose the right option with already corrected dimensions.

Canva is an ideal tool for social media, for your Instagram posts, if you want to have just a square image. You can use Canva on other sites as well. I use Canva for my YouTube videos when I am creating designs for my private clients. This is one of the best Marketing Automation Tools.

YouTube channel is the channel where I am uploading my YouTube videos. When you are uploading your YouTube video, they give you some options – you can just take random screenshots throughout all your video, or, if you decide to apply Canva, you can make a nice photo for your YouTube video or channel. Believe my experience, the second option is much better.

Let’s start by actually making a Facebook post. So, let’s take a look at how to make a Facebook post. It is very easy to use, very user-friendly, and there are a few other things that you can use here. So, let’s take for example that you need the image of a doctor. You can find a whole list of such images. Then you can search for free elements and use your free photos folder. Some of the photos have a fantastic quality. To choose photos of the best quality I can put a filter, just in the same way as I usually do with

Snapshot or with Instagram. There are some premade filters already installed in the tool. I can also go into an advanced option and decide which option to choose. With the help of filters, you can make your photos blurry for example…or you can crop them. This is also a Marketing Automation Tools.

You can also flip your photos either horizontally, or vertically. I am going to undo what I just did. I can also make it more transparent if I do not want to make it so bold. If I want it to make a little bit faded – I can do it. Let’s say I am going to put some text on the top of some images. With Canva everything is possible!

Canva has a whole list of options suggesting your different elements and templates. For example, if you want to add multiple images you can do it with Canva. You can also use a lot of frames. You can even put your photo into the frame you already have. That’s fine, I like it. Also, with Canva you can put different images on your cover photo. You can either drag or upload your photo. The best way to choose the right photo is to go to the uploads you already have.

Canva can be helpful if you are searching for a proper design frame. Let’s say I am preparing a design for my eBook. In this case, Canva can be very helpful. You can just go for different shapes in a sidebar and choose the needed one and here we go!

Say, if I want to put just this circle you can do it with the help of a sidebar. For example, you can put a circle and even write something in that circle. Different lines you can use. And you can change these icons depending on what image you are going to put.

With Canva you can make an image or pdf, where you will put some statistics. If you cannot put a picture, you can also use your background colors. You can organize your images by project, or you can use a transparent image. There is no white border around me what means that the image is transparent.

Canva also gives some useful options for the team. It means that you can share your images with team members. If you need someone to make your graphic or you need someone to adjust this graphic or to make a folder you can. Everything in the folder now and you can use this stuff here and there. With Canva you can create your brand.

There are so many mistakes out there. When you are using the paid option of Canva you can add the photo to your color palette. Besides different options of color palette, you can use all kinds of scripts like a dancing script. You can also make different images including a transparent image. Transparent image belongs to the paid options in Сanva.

6. SEMrush 


SEMrush guys! I love it! I have to go back and to talk about it a little bit. Back in a day, SEO tools were sleazy and greasy, this SEO toolhas a weird connotation because a lot of people were doing a lot of weird stuff and SEMrush was not something too much noticeable, I would say… But everything has changed. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, SEMrush has managed to create an awesomely powerful tool. Last week I was trying to use this app to improve my blog. And the stuff they have is awesome. 

The first and the most important benefit of SEMrush is that it allows you to take a close look at the competitors. You can trace what your competitors are doing and what they are not doing and have many options to try like:  

  • You can set position tracking 
  • Can be installed social media tool 
  • You can collect SEO ideas 
  • With position tracking, you can track your rankings 
  • Track your keywords on nay domain and any location 
  • Get daily updates on your competitors’ keyword ranking 

SEMrush also has an excellent social media tool that allows readers to connect with Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

With the help of this tool, you will be able to track your audience’s growth and compare yourself with the other competitors, monitor your posting rates, analyze how your audience interacts with your social content.

SEMrush can help you to gather the best SEO ideas. The tool helps you to analyze your landing pages that appear in Google SERPs. With the help of SEMrush, you will see how:

  • Your pages are optimized against your competitors for your target keywords 
  • Improve your optimization and potentially outrank your competitors for your target keywords
  • Discover fresh keywords ideas to strengthen your page semantic core. 

 SEMrush makes it a difference between really knowing what you need for your marketing campaign and simple guessing because you can see the ready results. The first thing you are going to see at SEMrush after you will create an account is its dashboard and search tool. Just enter the item you are searching for at the search box bar and print the item you want to explore and here we go!

What else can SEMrush do? 

  • SEMrush can save your time by using different tools at the same time.
  • SEMrush does a lot of topics including:
  • Paid advertising
  • Video ad campaigns Data

And it can also help you find competitors’ highest performing paid ads and take a look at the actual add variations and you can even use that data to track the potential advertisers that might be interested in the site you are working with. There are a lot of additional benefits that you can get with SEMrush. So, I hope this video walkthrough through SEMrush.

5. Seventh Sense

This is not Bruce Willis. This is different. It is something better. Imagine you have a huge contact base where you are supposed to send direct emails. Everybody interacts with their emails on their own time. So, imagine knowing what time a specific person goes into their email platform to engage the most with things you have in the past. It is creepy.

With the help of Seventh sense you can:

Trace the current level of engagement. For example, you can see what the percent of the people are currently engaged with your data.

Inform you when exactly your audience is engaged with your data. It tells you when exactly people are engaged with your data, how active your audience is. It means that you can separate the inactive audience and not do not send them emails anymore. Also, you can change the cadence that you send emails to. It means that you can send your emails on a weekly email, monthly or quarterly basis.

 Check when your audience is active

With Seven Sense you have many ways to optimize your marketing efforts because now you know you can check how active your audience is. Also, you can see how you can analyze your audience over time. Specifically, how people are clicking and opening your emails.

As a result, you can optimize more emails so that you can get more clicks. This engagement with the audience can help to grow your domain authority. Also, it can help to make your emails look more appealing for email servers, as Seven Sense is making all the analyses for you on an internal basis.

The main benefit of the Seven Sense marketing tool is that it helps to boost your marketing efforts as you can send multiple emails to your potential customers.

Let’s say you are going to send an email for an event or something like that at one particular time. Instead of sending this event invitation email at one particular time, you can send it many times to multiple people. Instead of sending this email to one person or dozens of persons, you can send it to 2,000 or 3,000 people, many times.

So, whatever the event is, you can repeatedly send these emails to many people and each contact, and each email receiver will get the email at the exact time they would engage with it. So, with The Seven sense you can figure out which is the most probable time you contact will be online. The software literary analyses when you contact will be online.

It does it’s own automatic calculates and defines when you contact will be online. Of course, such tactics increase the probability of opening your emails. The Seven Sense helps to increase click-through rate and overtime. The tool is an ideal tool to boost your domain authority growth as it brings more and more results over time.

The tool has even bigger possibilities due to HubSpot integration. When integrated with HubSpot, the Seven Sense can tell you when your prospects would have time to engage with your email and phone call. This important is very valuable as it can increase the conversion rate of your site. The tool is especially valuable for salespeople: when you are resending one-off emails for sales, check it, send it on the most probable schedule.

It means that with the tool you have a higher probability to catch your potential customers. The Seven Sense helps you to optimize your efforts for marketing, for your sales and, of course, for your service if you want to engage with your customers and get a survey to respond or to get a review from them, or if you want to help them with the customer survey activities I would recommend them to do the same thing and to use The Seven Sense to optimize your efforts there.

So, if you have any questions, let me know. The Seven Sense is an amazing tool. Their integration with HubSpot is great, and I highly recommend this tool for further use.

Just to summarize, let’s see what the Seventh Sense can do for your marketing campaign?

What can Seventh Sense do for you?

  • Email Throttling – with email throttling you can increase the deliverability of all your emails. Email throttling can empower you to pause your marketing campaigns, make changes and spread load on your systems, call centers and salespeople.
  • Send Time Optimization – with the help of the Seven Sense tool you can automatically deliver emails to different recipients at an ideal time meaning that each email will be delivered to a recipient at its most optimal engagement time.
  • Increase Deliverability – A proper email engagement strategy can increase your reputation as an email sender. Increasing yoursender reputation with major email can increase the level of general delivery of all your emails.
  • Email Frequency Optimization – customers might be online or be offline. Everything has its own needs which, by the way, can be figured out with the help of Seven Sense. The tool is an ideal one for the automatic tracing of your customer’s engagements. It itself define your customers’ segmentation and then automatically sends tailor-made emails based on engagement information the tool already has. The tool allows you to easily email customers at the most suitable time.
  • Knowledge Transfer – Seven Sense can be used by the whole marketing team who get a chance to share their data on individual customers or prospects. They get a chance to engage with your organization.
  • Increase Conversions – time and frequency optimization can increase the number of customers; it can also shorten sales cycles thus increasing the overall conversion rate of your sales.

As you can see, the Seven Sense is one of the best marketing automation tools. It can boost your sales and bring more customers. Without a doubt, the Seven Sense is one of the best marketing tools in the modern-day marketing space.

4. Lucky Orange

Source: https://www.luckyorange.com

Lucki, lucky orange. Can you believe that? Let me just say I love lucky orange and we use it on every single project regardless of its size or scope because there is no better way to tell you who is creepy on your website …and knowing what they are clicking on…How much you pay to look at all this?

The ways you are scrolling. Sure. There are a lot of people doing this out there. But do you know what? They are not as good as you think them to be. I just like lucky orange because it is awesome. There is a bunch of other tools that we are using. I use research like polls and exploring recordings and tagging but tracking beyond compare.

Lucky Orange is designed for is a very important tool for an e-commerce world. You might have a site, or your company site or something. In this case, Lucky Orange is a great tool. Imagine the situation you have a great site. Everything looks simply perfect and all that you want to know is how visitors are interacting with your site, or, in other words, how they are behaving on it. Let’s say we have someone named Kevin. Kevin likes bicycles and he created his website devoted to selling a bicycle, and on his website, he likes many other site owners, wants to sell more scooters. In this case, he built up a site where he sells his traffic.

How people came to his website? Kevin receives a lot of traffic from his website and all this traffic he sends to his landing page where he created some tests to pass for his visitors and potential customers. About 100 people came to his website and probably one person has signed up. 

So, Kevin or Jeff decided to start making changes to get more leads and to increase the conversion rate. Kevin noticed that a lot of visitors are coming to the site but few of them are making leads. He changed the color, design but the number of leads remains the same.

Why did it happen that all these changes did not have a meaningful result on the number of leads Kevin had?

That’s actually where the tool Lucky Orange comes in. Because Lucky Orange can give you the tools, knowledge, and resources to help identify what the visitors are doing on the site, where they are becoming lost or confused.

Why we prefer to use Lucky orange?

  • Website Optimization Tool
  • Increase Website Conversion
  • You can create heat maps with Lucky Orange

Here is the deal: you want a better performance from your website – call it a lead sale conversion – whatever but you do not know how to take traffic that you have and know each visitor.

You do not know where to start or what to fix because you do not know what is broken…That is where lucky orange comes in…Lucky orange gives you the tools to see where visitors become frustrated or ultimately abandon your site. It is like sitting behind your desk and watching each click. Lucky orange shows you who has been at your site and how these people have managed to find you.

Lucky orange then makes recordings that can be played back like movies and clearly shows why your customers do not convert of how people truly use your website so you can see the reasons why people do not convert.

The tool will show you how potential customers read your papers. The data can be played like movies so people would see how they can use the website.

You can see the reasons why people do not convert. It then aggregates the data into gorgeous heat maps that show how the people read your pages.

The Marketing Automation Tools Interact with elements. It can even show you how far down they scroll.

With analytics, they will show you exact parts of your sign-up or check-up forms that are causing your customers to abandon your site.

With lucky orange, you can see the exact behavior of your visitors. The lucky orange customizable polling system allows you to get valuable feedback from your visitors and which their feature chat system you can help that can help your customers the moment they needed it.

With live-view feature, you can chat and see exactly what your customer is seeing, and you can help them with checkup view process.

Setting up lucky orange takes up less than 5 minutes and won’t slow your site down. So do not settle down for the status quo of your own online business. Let lucky orange give you more tools to let your visitors. Visit Lucky orange for free and get started today and let your customers get confused, and your customers will show you why.

Lucky Orange software overview

This is a usability tracking tool or software that you can install on your website. It is used to track your user’s movements. Also, you can set up conversion tracking. You can also set up heatmaps. Sure, there are a lot of things that can be done with Google analytics – this list is quite encompassing but you cannot know what each particular visitor is doing on your web page, especially when you click on something. So, Marketing Automation Tools are truly needed.

Contrary to Google Analytics, Lucky Orange gives you all information on each particular site visitor. Literary it means, that when you click on something you will not be able to get the exact information from Google analytics, but with Lucky Orange, you can.

Usually, a lot of visitors are coming to your site. However, they are not telling you what they are doing on your page. Lucky Orange does not give you information about your customers unless they click on something.

I am going to dive into it, and I am going to show you so other needed tools. As you can see here, we have different areas of the dashboard. You can see the line of visitors which shows you the number of visitors that are actually on your site. You can interact with them if you show them struggling. Let me see if I have a quick example of it…This is a cap function that allows visitors to track.

It is a track function that allows them to track in. There are a lot of check-put products there to do the same, but it is nice to have them all in one. That’s all that I can say about visitors. Now we have a recording issue.

We can start with the dashboard. With the help of the dashboard, you can configure how you want your product to look like you can pair different periods. This section is going to show you how many people are online. It can give you the basic stats, the number of your visitors. I am looking at the period of May 1 and May 31 this year.

With Lucky Orange, you can see the number of unique page views, number of visitors, etc. You can also set up a few tags. Once you came on a certain page, you can track the number of their page visitors. With that tool, you can see from where most visitors are coming from. And this is all available through Google Analytics. But this is where we can get a little more precise.

As you can see here, many visitors have come to the site. We can see how they have been interacting. So, you can see both the number of moves, the number of clicks, this is only for your site, if they would change tabs, they can go that’s something that I would not be seeing clearly. If you have your site, you can see the user movements on it. You can track what users are looking for. You have a unique dashboard. As you can see here, you can have different lines of your dashboard. With the help of your dashboard, you can see the line of visitors on your site. It is a great way to interact with them if you see them struggling. The tool allows you to do a momentum check-in and it allows you to do check-in and do a check function.

Although, there is a whole list of Marketing Automation Tools that do the same option of check-inn it is great to have this tool that combines all options.

The site allows to track visitors and well as their recordings. It is all in one tool. The site shows you a unique number of visitors online. With the site, you can trace the number of unique views they have, page views, etc. You can also set up a few tags. You can also set up a few tags.  What for the tags are used? Once you reach a certain page you can take certain actions. If you, for example, get into the cart, you might tag that action.

The tool suggests achievable goals. Also, there are funnels that you can create. When the help of tags, you can track certain actions. For example, when your visitors will get to the card, they might track that action.

And you can also put some twits to connect to social media to connect to some real-time. Then you can also see the sources, you can type media and some sort of it. So again, they are not trying to replace Google. They are trying to give you a dashboard of everything.

You can see from where most of your visitors are coming from and again to bring that down. You do not have to reinvent anything – this all goes through Google analytics. With Google Analytics, you can see how many visitors have come to the site. You can see how they have been interacting.

With this tool, you can trace the behavior of your clients. You can trace when they go back, what they are doing, etc. There is a great option to see and to trace what your users are doing. With the tool, you can start seeing specific pages. With the tool you can trace what you visitors are doing, you can trace what they might be doing.

Heat maps allow you to see where people are clicking in on certain pages. You can see whether they are moving and what they are doing on the site. You can filter the data into different devices. With the help of Heat maps, you can choose different reports, or you can enter a report and enter a specific URL and then you can put cart check out ext.

We can go ahead again and let’s rebuild clicks. The same with moves. You can see a lot of them, and you can trace them. With the help of the site page, you can see where most users are going towards.

Form analytics is the last one on the list. Let’s say you have form analytics or you have a content-driven site where you are filling out a series of forms and questions. This allows. The tool traces how the customers are filling out the forms, and why the people might be dropping off. It is a great tool for sending emails. It can give you some insight on. The site can give you some great insights into the behavior of your potential customers.

The app gives a chance to check up some pricing. We are building up a product. Lucky Orange provides you with click maps so that you can see what is moving, what is going on the site.

A site map gives people are chance to trace from where all the potential users are coming, to track their format that will help you make an educated decision. You can filter this down to different devices, you can have different pages here so that you can create different reports. You can choose from pop-in pages here, or you can enter a report and enter a specific URL.

And then you can put specific card check-out, etc.

With this tool, you can also rebuild the clicks and to see all the previous data related to the search.

All this data will be updated. With the help of the tool you can see where all the users are going, and you can see all this data on the site. You can see where you will get more information that gives you a quick view. Maybe you want to say hey…I want this product…. You will receive all this information in the form of a photo.

This photographic information is showing you the top two products and shows you how to get more information. Maybe a quick view….

Heatmap is showing the most important information. It shows how many site visitors have got interested in your product. If you want to get inside the footer you have to think about how to drive people into the footer.

A final section is a form of analytics. Let’s say you have got a content-driven site, where you have to provide form-analytics. Everyone puts their first name, its form, analytics, but when it comes to comments no one. The site gives you information about why people might be dropping off.

This was a quick overview of how the tool works. It is a great tool to have set up. You can have an email set up.

3. Atomic Reach 

Source: https://www.atomicreach.com

This tool is awesome…we are using it to incorporate it into our stack of tools for clients. It is an IA that tells you when your content sucks and it is really good, and it tells you what you should change about it. They will tell you the emotional skills. This automatic reach are awesome.

They have a new series of products coming out. This is December 2020 for the rest of the year. They have all these different pieces coming out. For 2019 spread out.

What Atomic Reach Can Do

Atomic Reach can help to improve conversion rates, personalize content at scale, and help to lower your customer acquisition cost. The platform will personalize and optimize your text-based content to help drive performance in the most affordable way possible.

Do you want to know what drives your customer conversions? Atomic Reach helps to discover phrases and words that can drive your sales forward for each customer segment. It can also optimize titles and make sure that the emotional tone of your content matches that of your reader.

One of the best features of Atomic Reach is that it can easily pull data from your CMS or email platform and it supports multiple marketing automation platforms too.

I value any tool that can help boost content performance and this is exactly what you can do with Atomic Reach. Plus it has a built-in SEO tracker and integration engine available. Great value!

Here’s why we prefer Atomic Reach:

  • It’s easy to use and powerful
  • It boosts conversion rate
  • Integrates easily with your CMS
  • It personalizes your content

Atomic AI is perfect for blogging. Get an understanding of the audience you are writing for and how to match the required emotional tone. Just one click and your blog post is optimized!

Now you can save time when creating content while making sure that you have consistent quality across all your content deliverables. Give Atomic AI a try!

2. Databox

Source: https://databox.com

We need to report on analytics for ourselves and our inner clients. You know what: sometimes you do not know about surrounding because all 15 different software you use and you want to show just one…you need one life screenshot – this is all you need analytics that you need at one page.

And you can send me to new different things. We can do different types of a funnel, and bottom of a funnel. We will mix it up and we will just look at ads across these platforms. This what we do on one Dashboard or two dashboards, or three dash words because their boxes are awesome.

What Databox Can Do

If you love to have all your data in one place, Databox is for you. Now you can keep track of everything right from your dashboard and view insights in real-time. This is what every marketer needs!

We love Databox because you don’t have to log into multiple tools to get the data you need. Whether you are using HubSpot, Google Ads, Stripe, Salesforce, Twitter – or all of them – you only need Databox to have all the information in one place.

Databox uses dashboards, called Databoards, to keep your information in one place. And you can have multiple Databoards so you can now easily manage each of your clients’ projects.

Here’s particularly why we love using Databox:

  • You can build your own Databoard
  • You can connect multiple platforms and tools together
  • Instantly track performance
  • Get performance alerts and recommendations
  • Calculate important KPIs

Best of all, Databox is compatible with all your popular tools – Google Analytics, HubSpot, LinkedIN, Facebook, Stripe and more! They have a free plan available so you have no reason not to try them out.

1. HubSpot

We are doing drama. It’s like matshubaka noise. We have HubSpot. Nobody knew that we would say HubSpot.

What can I say…If you need to start a business you need a kind of marketing automation, you have to have a place to produce content, to use social media, to house your content, email people, to address emails periodically to people, to record your data and you could buy 6 or 7 software to do all these things for you, or you know what you can do instead?

You can …so that about…that’s all…it is all the list of the best software marketing automation in 2019. You know what I am just super lucky because you guys have all this information and you can use it that dates back to 2019. 

About the Platform

When to generally describe the platform, I would say that its main objective is tohelp customers with their marketing automation efforts. I would describe the platform as a customer-oriented one. The best thing about HubSpot is that it is not based on Short-sided tactics like forcing the deals with any means or sending spam or growing at the expense of your customers.

HubSpot is more about using technology and that helps you build the flywheel for growth. Literary, it has everything you need to market yourself in business – I said everything and in one place! For me, the HubSpot platform looks like a kind of marketing hub you can go to when you want to create and share useful content.

With HubSpot, you can attract a lot of customers by producing valuable and shareable content. Also, you can run add campaigns and thus to engage a big number of visitors to your site. The best thing about HubSpot is that gives have a free CRM which allows customers to gather a single shared view on their marketing campaign.

I think it is awesome! So, HubSpot is number one in mylist of top SaaS marketing tools. HubSpot is an ideal tool for businesses that want to succeed and exceed others. The motto of the company “With HubSpot you just not grow bigger – you grow better”.

To know more about it, you can check out here.


If you are looking for the best SaaS tools to use, these 15 recommendations will give you everything you need! From viewing analytics in real time, to connecting multiple platforms and curating your content – you’ll be able to drive your profitability exponentially by using these modern tools.

Have a suggestion! Share your recommendations! We’d love to hear what modern marketers are using to help drive performance for their clients.

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