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Guidelines for Writing A Guest Post for Content Persona

  • Before pitching for my blog please read the articles on Contentpersona.com and grab the idea of what my blog is about and try to send pitches related to the stuff I am writing about.
  • Pay attention to the formatting style of my blog posts.
  • Pitch your idea first.
  • Pay attention to the fact that I post only well-researched and high-quality blog posts related to the topics mentioned. All your posts must be a practical, informative, and close-to-the point.
  • I expect high quality and relevant blog posts that will mix with a lot of your creativity and fun and comply with the general style of ContentPersona blog.
  • I am welcoming comprehensive blog posts that give a detailed explanation of an issue that are valuable both for Google and my blog readers.
  • The Keyword issue is the thing that matters. The main keyword has to be repeated at least 3 times throughout the post.

Who Can Submit A Guest Post?

I encourage to write an interesting material related to the topic. All I need from you is a good topic to discuss and an interesting material to be covered. Complying with the blog guidelines is a must.


The main objective of this site guest-blogging is to boost online presence for writers and freelancers. In the same way, I want bloggers to have more impact on spreading their words around the world as well as to boost their online visibility. Contentpersona is an ideal platform for sharing ideas about Digital marketing issues that matter. I hope you will be one of the site’s main contributors. Try to make yourself know and your works visible for others by using online writing tools.

What’s In It For You?

Guest blogging can improve your credibility as a writer and will give you an ideal opportunity to express yourself as a writer and position yourself as an expert in your field. Winning recognition of a wide audience is one of the numerous benefits of guest blogging.


  • I paragraph bio of 2-4 sentences.
  • Add links (1-4) of your blog, website, or social media profiles.

When Is It Published?

Once I will look through your guest post idea, digest it, I will be able to inform you when exactly I am going to publish your article. If you have some date on your mind on which you would like your blog to be published please feel free to mail me. I will be ready to fulfill all your wishes.


  • Your guest post will be published on my site Contenpersona.com, posted on my Facebook Page, Shared in my LinkedIn group, Twitter, and Google +.
  • I highly encourage you to send your guest blog posts through your social media profiles.
  • You can also share your guest posts among your own group so that people would put their likes
  • I highly encourage you to reply to the posts of my readers. We do these measures to keep discussion of your blog post alive

Your Rights

You keep the right to dispose of your name as an author of your blog posts. Also, you will share your blog posts under your name. You hold the right to share your guest posts on your profile.

Let’s Collaborate!

I am happy you have been introduced to the guidelines of my blog posts. I will be very happy if together we will make my blog Contentpersona.com a great place for sharing ideas about digital marketing and SEO.

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