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I have a great experience as a Lecturer, Educational Course Content Developer and Editor. I know how to create, synthesize, summarize, and explain your material. I know how to explain hard to understand terms in a simplified way and to give less complicated definitions for things that can be difficult to understand. Also, I can explain difficult concepts and philosophies, helping others understand them by incorporating real-life experiences and examples. Finally, I can create a perfectly structured educational course content that will promote the learning efforts of your students. I have a strong command of educational and digital marketing subjects.

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Hi! My name is Nataly Otair. I’m a writer, copywriter, and professional B2B writer who develops high-quality blog posts and website content for businesses.

I help businesses promote their brand, increase organic traffic, inbound leads, and increase their company’s revenue.  Things that always excite me are traffic, site optimization, content marketing, funnels, and lead generation. I am keen on Marketing automatization, SEO, and Content Marketing.

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