How to draw Search Engines Attention with the Right Keywords Selection

You must be wondering why, when we punch-in some specific words in any of the search engines, some webpages appear on the first page and others lag. Is it a random search or does it work on the whims and fancies of the search engines? Right keywords selection is one of the best strategies to draw the attention of Google and other search engines as well.

It does not work that way at all. Instead, it requires a magical ingredient in your website – keywords. With businesses of all kinds shifting their focus to establish and strengthen their online presence, the number of websites for products and services under various categories has increased, and to appear on the first page via organic search, keywords are pivotal.

Keywords can be simply defined as words/phrases that you incorporate into your web content that help search engines exhibit it when prospects search for something similar, and relevant to your company’s offerings.

It demands concerted efforts, focus, and a close tab on changing trends to make the right keywords yield effective outcomes. This article highlights some of the effective ways in which you may pick the right keywords to attain and achieve your objective of marking your online presence in front of your target audience. It comes as a high dividend-paying digital marketing strategy if used well. Let us explore how it may work wonders.

Means for Keywords Research

Keyword Research tool

To carry out extensive keyword research for SEO of your business or area of work, various sources and tools to ascertain the accuracy of keywords can be used. More sources and tools employed to ensure better outcomes. Some of the keyword research tools that come in handy are SEMrush, AHREFs, Ubersuggest, and Google Keyword Planner. They are designed to help you find the right SEO keywords. You can know the best SEO tools from here. Right keywords selection plays an important role in SEO.

Gradual Steps for the Right Keywords Selection

To be honest, to draw the Search Engine’s Attention is quite tough if proper methods are not followed. Google’s algorithm is a high standard. So to bring up your topic, you need to select the right keywords so that it can be found.

Types of Keywords

Primarily there are five categories that you can see the types of keywords. They are:

  1. Targeting Keywords
  2. Keywords by Lengths
  3. On-site Keywords
  4. Google Ads Keywords
  5. Buyer Keywords

A webmaster or an SEO expert must know about these. Without selecting proper keywords, it would be quite impossible to rank your keywords in Google or any Search Engines.

The types of keywords included in Targeting Keywords category are:

  • Market segment keywords
  • Customer-defining keywords
  • Product keywords
  • Branded keywords
  • Competitor keywords
  • Geo-targeted keywords

There are three types of keywords described by their length:

  • Short-tail keywords (also known as head, broad, or generic keywords)
  • Mid-tail keywords
  • Long-tail keywords

On-Site Keywords are of two kinds:

  • Primary keywords
  • Related or LSI keywords

Google Ads Keywords include:

  • Broad match keywords
  • Phrase match keywords
  • Exact match keywords
  • Negative keywords

There are three types of buyer keywords:

  • Informational keywords
  • Navigational keywords
  • Transactional keywords

Well, after setting up your mind, according to your blog what kind of keyword you are going to use, you need to go to the next step. Now is the time to research keywords. This is one of the vital parts. You know the right keywords selection is what your keywords get ranked.

Keyword Research

There are hundreds of methods and styles to research keywords. One of the popular ways is Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR).

KGR keyword research

KGR = (allintitle results) divided by (search volume)

Suppose the allintitle result is 4 and the search volume is 30, then the KGR would be 0.13 which is less than 0.25 is great.

<0.25 – Great

0.25-1.00 – Might Work

1.00<- Bad

Besides this method, you can use Free and/or Paid Tools such as LSI Graph, Google Keyword Planner, Ubbersuggest, and so on.

In addition, some amazing paid tools are Ahrefs, SEMrush, Keyword Finder, and many more.

Well, once you have researched your expected keyword/ keywords, you are half done your work till now.

So after narrowing down the topic and finalize it at last for your content becomes impressive. The right keywords selection will enhance the speed.

Unique and Engaging Content

That content is king is certainly known to all. Any quality means unique content has the power to read down to the end for the user. It must be engaging, eye-catching, informative, SEO-friendly, and persuasive.

On-Page SEO for the Post

Keyword research or right keywords selection and then an amazing content for your site would be great. But the work is not done yet. You now have to do on-page SEO for the post. There are a lot of criteria that you need to meet. Perfect and proper optimization for your post can play a great role in showing up in Google shortly. Some considerable factors that you need to focus on are:

  • Keyphrase in introduction
  • Keyphrase length
  • Meta description
  • Keyphrase distribution
  • Text length
  • Keyphrase in title
  • SEO title width
  • External links
  • Outbound links
  • Alt Tag
  • Keyword density
  • Readability flesch
  • Title, Tag, and Meta

Onpage seo

Off-Page SEO

Besides on-page SEO, off-page optimization is a sector to focus on. No webmaster can ignore it. To beat your competitors, you must strategize how and where to make links as they did.

Anyways, guest posts and niche related anchored links are highly praiseworthy. They work properly still in this era.

Use Images

A single image can tell a hundred years of history. On the other hand, it’s easier to express your feelings. While you are making any report or data, why don’t you use any image related to it or screenshot of it? Of course, that would be a great idea.

Besides, to keep engaged in your users, images are needed. Only reading texts may occur boredom to the users.

Use Videos

Do you know what- videos are very powerful to make-believe or to convert a user into a customer? It motivates people incredibly and makes them highly enthusiastic. So using videos sometimes in content can bear the perfect role in order to make the article awesome.

Not only will this but also Google or any search engine crawl fast than usual.


If possible or it is related to your niche, you can make a pictography in order to remove the boredom to read the article. People get disengaged due to simple and without any interesting events occurring in the content. So a webmaster must try to use the best effort to keep engaged the user as much as possible.

Update Your Content by Times

Years change yet your content is still the same without updating. It is one of the biggest mistakes for the webmasters not to update it after a certain time of period. Or you must be aware of if any changes occur or not.

For example, Web Developers use Bootstrap 3.0 or Php 5.0 but look they are not constant forever. Bootstrap 4.0 or PHP 5.1 or 5.2 have come but if you are still at the same place without changing them from your content, you will lose your users as well as sales.

On the other hand, any search engine likes to see the update of the content adjustable to the age and time.

social engagement platforms

Social Engagement

When all the works are done, try doing to make some social engagement so that search engines prioritize your content.

Pinterest, Quora, Reddit, and other strong platforms make a site or post dispersed in millions of people. Besides, sharing with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, as well as other strong social media, helps a lot to reach an uncountable amount of people.

Bear in mind, Google or any search engine always brings that one to the first position which carries values to the users.

Keep a Tab on your Competitors

No business operates in isolation and none has a monopoly. The level of competition has soared significantly in all dimensions, and most of the competitors strive to make their presence felt on all relevant platforms, both offline and online. You can overrun your competitors following the right selections of keywords.

competitor analysis

What is mentioned here may appear to be a tedious exercise, but it is necessary to stay ahead in business. You should keep a close watch on the web content of the competitors to observe what effective keywords are used by them. Several SEO tools can be used to do the task; however, you can carry out your research manually by browsing their websites and the platforms where they are present to extract the best performing keywords that yield desired outcomes. Right keywords selection is badly in need of SEO.

This approach works, but one must not rely upon it wholly. Extracting effective keywords from content continually and adding your wisdom and understanding based

your research and a range of external and internal factors enable you to employ the best keywords for your enterprise.

Long Tail Keywords work 

There are keywords that have three or four words, and they are known as long-tail keywords. They have a low search volume, but they are ideal to target specific sets of your audience. They are easy to rank and face lesser competition. The words which form long-tail keywords are relatable and relevant to your business to obtain the desired outcome.

Adding Location is a Great Notion

Including the location of your business in SEO, keywords work wonders when the local target audience is to be covered. It enables your website and digital accounts to appear in local searches. If you have a grocery store in London, a keyword like ‘Grocery Store in London’ picks your website when someone enters the keywords. Similarly, if you are offering digital marketing services in the local region, the addition of location enables prospects to spot you online and may reach you to avail of your services. You must have to make the selection of the right keywords for your site.

List down Topics that Define your Business Best 

In your research drive to find SEO keywords suitable for your line of business, it is suggested to note down a list of topics related to your business. It should be a minimum of ten topics and should be selected concerning the higher level of significance to your business which will in turn drive more internet traffic to your website. These topics can be used to curate original, informative, creative, relevant, lucid, and engaging content which improves the ranking in search results considerably.

When you finally select the topics around which you intend to create quality content, identify selected keywords that are relevant to the chosen topics. One thing which you should always bear in mind is that the selected keywords should be included naturally in the content. The coding behind the search engines is well-thought through, and any sort of plagiarism, irrelevance, or artificially induced keywords can be identified by search engines instantly and may have negative consequences.

View and Review

Keeping an eye on the performance of keywords for SEO is the key to success. The trends are changing fast and so is the mindset of the target audience, which implies that keywords will also change continually, if not continuously. Moreover, competitors may bring new content, and another set of effective keywords to stay ahead in business. You should have this aggressive approach without forgetting to keep an eye on what they are doing. There is no room for complacency, and that is required to incorporate the new set of selected keywords in web content related to product description, blogs, social media posts, and others. The exercise of including keywords demands creativity and naturalness, and it must be followed all the time.


If the site is new, try using long-tail keywords. Then keyword research through KGR (already mentioned above) would be very better using a paid SEO tool like Ahrefs or SEMrush. Getting a perfect result a paid tool is necessary. Optimizing your unique content and making some strong links preferably guest posts and where to post analyzing your competitors would be wonderful.

Moreover, using images, podcasts, and videos will carry extra value to your content and you can hope to see the result in the google within shortly (not in 7 or 15 days. Can even take 2-6 months).

Please remember, always follow the White Hat SEO.

In the end

Search for the correct, effective keywords with thorough and ongoing research using tools, keen observation, and learning. The right set of keywords can change dynamics as they have the potential of driving the attention of various search engines, which not only improves ranking during an organic search but increases the possibility and probability of a higher volume of traffic on your website. In a nutshell, the right, effective keywords will add value to your business, both in qualitative and quantitative terms.

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