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mystoryContent marketing writing was not something that I did at the start of my career. Having graduated with a Master’s degree in Linguistics, I first tried my hand as an interpreter but soon realized the job offered few career growth opportunities. I came into marketing within a couple of years following my graduation, when a college friend of mine shared her amazing results as a digital marketing specialist.  My friend generated content for social media, converting words into sales and spotted, as she said, a limitless potential for digital marketing in me. While I listened with great interest, I, in all honesty, did not think of her words as something serious because I knew I lacked the necessary knowledge of the processes. Within some time, however, the small firm I worked for started facing difficulties and lost many of its clients, and I came back to my friend open to the new career path. I first spent lots of time self-teaching because everything was absolutely new to me. Luckily, I could use a good range of resources, but still most learning came through trial and error. I started with social media marketing strategies and masterminded interesting projects for small business owners together with my friend. I also did some email marketing. Yet, when my brother, a highly qualified IT specialist in his niche, suggested setting up a family business, I had to promptly expand my marketing expertise and turned to content marketing as the core of our firm’s marketing strategy. Creating compelling and professionally written content in the tech niche was something that I soon started to love. That’s where I could express all of my creativity. I was writing landing blog posts that were converted into traffic and made leads, attracting entrepreneurs and business owners, and helping them achieve their business goals. I do not say it came overnight – I had to learn core copywriting techniques and accumulate enough technical knowledge to create in-depth content in different formats on every aspect of our IT business. Besides, I had to make sure marketing automation was done right on our website and that there was something for every company or user in our target audience regardless of their expertise levels or preferences in consuming content.  Today I can say that the high quality of my B2B content is grounded on my ten-year experience in the field, impeccable knowledge of marketing content writing foundations, polished SEO skills, and my documented native level of English.

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